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The Montgomery County Department of Economic Development and Planning (MCDEDP) was created to administer the Montgomery County Economic Development and Planning Program and is the lead Economic Development Agency in Montgomery County, New York. In addition, the staff acts as the administrative body for the Montgomery County Industrial Development Agency (MCIDA). By joining forces and pooling resources, the County and the MCBDC provide professional economic development assistance to businesses interested in expanding or relocating in Montgomery County. 


In addition to business attraction, MCBDC places a strong focus on retaining and expanding existing businesses to maintain economic stability within Montgomery County. MCBDC works directly with local employers to promote capital investments and job creation, reducing the risk of closure or relocation out of the County. Services delivered by MCBDC include needs assessments, identification of expansion opportunities and securing financial, technical, marketing and training resources. Through the MCBDC, Montgomery County businesses can access loans and grants to assist with acquisition and/or expansion. The MCIDA can provide long-term tax-exempt bond financing with lower interest rates than are available through conventional financing.


One key factor influencing location and expansion decisions is the ability of companies to recruit and retain a qualified workforce. Recognizing this, MCBDC has an aggressive workforce development strategy linking the Local Workforce Development Board and Community College with existing and potential employers. This strategy is designed to help employers gain access to the trained jobseekers they need, securing a stable workforce in order to fuel their growth.


MCBDC also implements the County’s Planning Program and provides all the planning services for the County and its municipalities. MCBDC maintains an in depth Geographic Information Systems database . As the Census Data Affiliate for the County, the department is the clearinghouse for all County and municipal demographic data. The department also actively seeks grants that assist in developing plans for economic development, transportation, disaster mitigation, recreation and other quality of life issues.


The Montgomery County Business Development Center understands that choosing a location for your business is one of the most critical decisions your company will ever have to make. The location you choose today will impact your business tomorrow. You will come to Montgomery County for our business opportunities. You will stay for our community spirit and commitment.