PAAA Required Postings

The MCIDA is a valuable resource for the County’s business attraction, expansion and retention efforts. The Agency can provide benefits in the form of real estate, mortgage recording and sales and use tax exemptions as well as taxable and tax-exempt bonds. 

Supplementing the Agency’s existing Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual, the following policies were adopted and are now included in the Agency’s Policy and Procedure Manual in compliance with the Public Authorities Accountability Act of 2005 (PAAA) and Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009: a Code of Ethics, Investment Policy, Mission StatementTravel Policy, Procurement Policy, Property Acquisition and Disposition Policies, Uniform Tax Exemption Policy, and a Whistle Blower Policy. The Agency’s Organizational Chart as well as the members of the Agency’s Audit Committee, Finance Committee and Governance Committee are also available here as required by the PAAA and PARA.

Additionally, the Agency submits annual reports in compliance with the PAAA and PARA those reports are available below.