Montgomery County Agriculture Microenterprise Program (MCAMP)


The Montgomery County Business Development Center and Montgomery County Soil and Water Department are administering the second round of the Montgomery County Agriculture Microenterprise Program (MCAMP). Grants will be provided to eligible agricultural entrepreneurs and business owners that want to establish or expand an existing business located within Montgomery County.  Applicants must be a new or existing commercial agriculture enterprise with five or fewer employees, one or more of which may be the principals and own the enterprise at time of application. Applications are now available through the MCBDC on their website, or by calling the organization at (518) 853-8334.  They are also available through Montgomery County Soil & Water by contacting Julicia Godbout at (518) 853-7013.

Total grant pool in this round of funding is $188,000; applicants must be able to fulfill the 10% owner cash equity contribution. Preference will be given to MWBE-status and Veteran-status business owners, to projects/businesses that result in job creation and projects/businesses that offer internships, job-shadowing or apprenticeship opportunities. Grants are intended as working-capital for equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventory and operation; NOT for construction, reimbursement of existing debt or purchase of real estate.

Applications will be reviewed by the MCAMP Grant Committee, comprised of staff from the MCBDC and MCSWCD, members of the Montgomery County Legislature, members of the Agricultural Economic Development (AED) Advisory Committee and members of the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board of Directors.

The grant information session, will be held on Tuesday, March 5, 7 p.m., at the Montgomery County Office Annex, Room 111, 20 Park Street in Fonda. Questions and answers from the 2018 meeting can be found here, FAQs.

The Entrepreneurial Training Workshops, which are mandatory for grant applicants but can be taken by anyone, are tentatively scheduled for March 26, April 2, April 9, and April 16 starting 7 p.m. at the Montgomery County Office Annex, Room 111, 20 Park Street in Fonda.

Available trainings will include:

Business Basics

This class will provide the start-up business owner and/or existing business owner with business basics. The key areas covered in this session will be legal issues and employee issues that a business owner needs to know to be successful. This session will include: How to determine what type of business structure is good for my business; employee issues, including hiring do’s and don’ts, state and federal regulations regarding hiring and employee training needs and costs.

YourBiz-in-NY State

Marketing and Advertising

This session is structured to assist businesses in determining what type of marketing and advertising is best to provide a positive business impact. It will include marketing and advertising strategies and how to evaluate their effectiveness. This session will touch on many types of marketing and advertising, including social networks.

Guide to Farming in NY

Google Analytics 101 Document

Marketing 101 Presentation

Recordkeeping, Accounting, Taxes and Financing

This class will provide the participant with an overview of necessary business recordkeeping. Additionally this session teaches how to report business activity for taxes, financing, or to evaluate certain business benchmarks. Regarding taxes, the session will cover estimated state and federal tax payments, payroll tax, and the importance of keeping good records in order to determine tax payments, report business tax events, and the professional tax resources that are available to startup and existing businesses. Types of financing will be covered including how to determine what type of financing is best for a specific company and the impact financing has on the overall business structure, profitability and business sustainability.

Developing the Business Plan

Here the attendees will learn how to develop a Business Plan incorporating the previous three sessions. The attendees will work on a step-by-step model taught by business leaders and professionals to create an effective Business Plan. The session will teach participants how to write effectively about their business, what information the plan should include, and how the plan presents their business to potential lenders and investors. This session will include business plans of successful business and business plan models used by some of your state and federal agencies.

NYS SBDC Business Planning Guide

Price for the four courses is $100 or $25 per class. For successful grant applicants, this fee may be reimbursable.

For more information, or a grant application, please contact Alex Kuttesch, MCBDC, 9 Park Street, Fonda, or by calling (518) 853-8202 or through MCSWD at, 4001 NY 5S, Fultonville.

For more information on the Entrepreneurial Workshops, please contact Julicia Godbout at the Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation District at 518-853-7013 or by email at

Congratulations to all 2018 grant awardees!

Application Checklist (Due on May 31, 2019)

□        Complete and signed application

□        Business Plan (if available)

□        Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, DBA certificate, partnership filing, or joint venture agreement

□        Signed Letter of Agreement

□        Credit Release Form

□        Personal Financial Statement and/or tax returns for the past two years – signed copies (business and personal)

□        Documentation to support use of funds and amount requested (quotes, cost estimates, sales brochure)

□        Any other documents you feel would help this application (marketing materials, references, etc.)

Other MCAMP Documentation

MCAMP Design Plan

Family Income Form